2019 Book So Far

Hello again,

I just found a blog post from the beginning of the year talking about how I want to read more. I signed up for talking books through the RNIB a while ago. Not used it too much. But I’ve gone through and put some things on my bookshelf which I want to listen too. Including Arnold Schwarzeneggers Total Recall.

Book List
Michelle Obama’s: Becoming
Stephen Fry: Mythos
Stephen Fry: Hero’s
Stephen C. Hayes PhD and Spencer Smith: Get Out of Your Mind an into Your Life
Mark Williams and Danny Penman: Mindfulness
Sarah Millican: How to be Champion
Virginia Watson: The Princess Pochahontas
Kent Nurburn, PhD. and Louise Mengeikoch, MA: Native American Wisdom
Reni Eddo-Lodge: Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race

At the beginning of the year my lovely Cousin Laura got me Michelle Obamas Becoming. I wanted it as soon as I knew it was even in the works. Whether you’re a fan of Michelle Obama or not, I don’t really care. This is my reading choice.
I enjoyed her book very much. I listened to it constantly. It is interesting how she became involved in politics in the first place. It was incredible to hear how quickly a families life can change from hearing they have become the First Family in America to the first few days in the White House. It is incredible being able to get a glimpse into the life of what it must be like being the First Lady. I will have to find more books written by the women who have occupied the White House.

I have tried to get back into reading fiction this year, which I find quite hard. I prefer reading History and Politics or Biographies. So as a way of trying to get back into fiction I thought I would try looking for audiobooks read by people who have nice voices. Michelle Obama reading her book was lovely. Because I have nystagmus I would often lay on the bed and just relax with my eyes closed listening to her book
I love Stephen Fry, I mean who ruddy doesn’t?
So I found out he had written a book called Mythos. Not a book about the beer, but about Titans and the Greek Gods and Goddesses. I used to love learning about all of that in school. Plus I love Greece. Marvelous place, wonderful food, excellent people.

So the book Mythos was brilliant. Learning all about Zeus, Hades, Hestia, Artemis and many more. The creation of the Gods and the stories surrounding them was wonderfully told. I really recommend it. Such scandals between the Olympian’s and the Titans, Cronus, Hyperion, Prometheus and more.
It’s like a soap opera. Everyone is out to protect their own interests, which is what causes so many problems in the first place. I mean look at how many people on Earth the Olympians got involved with, especially Zeus himself. Which got Hera very upset indeed. Go on give it a listen.

Next up I found Hero’s a follow up from Mythos. This book is again read by Stephen Fry and is an excellent read. So far I am enjoying it. But only a little way through.

Between Mythos and Hero’s a book I was told about is Get Out of Your Mind and into Your Life. I found this book to be very helpful. If your into self help books I would highly recommend this one. It’s all about accepting things the way they are. Which is nice. I mean you can’t change something unless you first accept it? It has helped me in relation to my back pain for example. I can’t get away from my Scoliosis so I need to accept that I will be in pain, but know that I am only feeling the pain. Rather than being the pain itself. This helps as I can then know that with all my physio exercises I can then manage my pain better.

The other Audiobook which was recommended and I am using still is Mindfulness by Mark Williams and Danny Penman. It’s eight weeks worth of meditation exercises. I am now going back through the audio book and alternating between weeks six and seven. I was never really one for Mindfulness until the other year. It was suggested to me to try sitting for ten minutes at a time and that I should just think about my day. Not really think just watch it go by. I now quite enjoy it. Its relaxing. Very helpful before bed.

I listened to Sarah Millican’s How to be Champion. I loved it. All I want now, is to sit and have a good cuppa tea with her and a nice packet of biscuit’s, maybe cake as well. I love her voice. She reminds me of one of my mum’s friends. Ive seen her Live and she was great. If you’ve never seen her, I’d definitely find out when she’s touring. Not stalk her in the cake aisle at Tesco, that’s creepy.

I never remember watching Pocahontas as a child, but I have a towel with her on. I know the basic story, but not entirely. So I found a book called The Princess Pochahontas by Virginia Watson. But it was about the life of Pocahontas, alway through to her leaving with Captain Smith to come to England. I think learning about the Native Americans is fascinating. So much hurt and pain. The way live, their stories, their history. It is important we learn it too. As we played an undeniable part in changing their way of life.

Another small audiobook I have listened to this year is Native American Wisdom by Kent Nurburn, PhD. and Louise Mengeikoch, MA. It is exactly as it says on the title. If you are one for meditation I would recommend this.

A final book I have found in my list is Reni Eddo-Lodge: Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race. A must read. One of the things which stood out to me was the discussion around how you can’t ever fully understand what it is like to put yourself entirely in someone else shoes. The book might sound like Reni is saying ‘no’ to talking to White people about race. But I found it to mean that the conversation only works when there is listening involved. Mostly on the part of White people stepping back and listening and then engaging with the discussion. Rather than just trying to fix the problem. Which how can we, when we don’t understand the problem.

I have not read as many books as I would have liked. I think it gets frustrating when you find a book and you then search for it as an audiobook but can’t find it anywhere. However, once I have listened to Hero’s I have book on Bletchley Park. Which will be really interesting. I once read a book on MI6 and found it fascinating.

So I have read nine books this year. Which is OK, considering this year I have finally decided audiobooks are going tot have to be the way forward. It’s frustrating my head won’t let my eyes focus. But I can’t change that. So I’ve put that Kindle I bought to one side and never used it again. Oh well. On the plus side it means I can listen to audiobooks when I’m washing up, or on the bus.

If you have any good book recommendations please let me know.

I’m on the Twitter @PhilippaB
My email randomlyanxious@gmail.com

Other books I have read are:
Karl Marx Capital
Carl Jung Modern Man in Search of a Soul
Terry Eagleton Why Marx was Right
Robert O. Paxman The Anatomy of Fascism

Eddie Izzard Believe Me a Memoir of Love, Death and Jazz Chickens
Lee Evans Life of Lee
Judy Dench And Furthermore
Lauren Graham Talking as Fast as I can.

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