New Year, new post. I’m not one for setting extraordinary long term goals. I find I get bored if I don’t see any success within a short space of time. Ridiculous I know. So last year I kept it nice and simple- read more books.

I purchased a Kindle, it didn’t help as my nystagmus just doesn’t agree with us reading. So I settled on audio books. Last year I read about 9 books. However I also listened to a number of podcasts. I’ll maybe tell you about those later.

Nine books isn’t great, it’s about one a month. So I aim to read more this year, with the help of Audible subscription from my brother. I’m currently listening to Sandi Toksvig, Between The Stops. I cannot get enough of it. I used a credit on the 3rd of January, now on the 7th, I have 3 hours and 12 minutes remaining. I love it.

This year with Audible I should be able to read 12 books, at least.

I think when I set myself goals I need to be able to measure them. Books are a good way of doing that.

Last year, I think I also wanted to get more into Mindfulness. Again this is measurable as it is something you can do at anytime, for me on an evening before bed. It makes a difference to the way you go about your day. I used to think it quite strange. Now I quite enjoy it. I think I’ll continue.

For this years new goal I would like to think I can post you more blogs. Although with other things going on I can appreciate it may not be weekly. But that’s ok. I’ll do my best to write when I can. As part of my blogs I’ll try keep the page with my photos on more up to date too.

Which leads us nicely onto another, not a goal, but focus. Photography. I own an iPhone 11 and a Lumix FZ270 bridge camera. A few days ago I went to the top of town to the Camera Exchange. We met a man called John who inherited the business from his dad. We chatted about what I was looking for in a camera and decided the mirrorless was my best option. Preferably an Olympus.

I would like to do more with my photography, it’s a great way of telling a story. In one image you can capture a moment in time which is locked there for ever.

I have had back pain for over a month now, more painful than normal, so I have booked in again to see a physio for a sport massage. It’s a great price and the guy who I see is excellent. A commitment for this year is to keep up with those sport massages. They help a lot. My back will not improve without major surgery and I am not wanting to do it, if sport massages, physio and gentle exercise will keep the pain away and my back muscles strong, I will do this.

There we have it, read more, blog more, keep up with the mindfulness, do more photography, get sport massages.

I feel these are acceptable focuses for 2020. I have other focuses too, but for now, these are the ones being written down.

Goals don’t have to be big, they just have to be personal to you. Then you know you feel like they are achievable.

Have a happy 2020 and enjoy the decade ahead.

I’m on Twitter @PhilippaB

Instagram @VisuallyImpairedPip

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