Pips Turning 30


Next year I turn 30 and as everyone else does I am freaking out a little bit. Then you find yourself wondering what can I do to mark this occasion? 

What’s happening?

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For me its two very special dates to mark within one week. One date is my Birthday and the second special date is the 30th anniversary of my heart surgery. I was born with two holes in my heart and interrupted aortic arch.

I was born on the 13th of August 1991, I had my heart surgery was on the 21st of August 1991. This was my brothers 5th Birthday. 5 years old is a big mile stone Birthday. He spent it with his Grandma and Granddad while my Mum and Dad waited for me to undergo an 8 hour surgery at the hospital. 

In order for me to mark this milestone Birthday I aim to do things to help two charities which are very important to myself. One is the British Heart Foundation. The other is the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund based in Leeds. 

Over the next 12 months I will be sharing with you on here the kinds of things I’ll be getting up to to raise money and awareness for these 2 amazing charities. If you are able to help please donate £5, or what ever you can to help these charities continue their vital work.

£5 from you is £2.50 per charity.

£10 from you £5 per charity.

I will also be sharing with you throughout the year various things about myself, for example the kinds of things you deal with when you are born with a heart condition. I will also re introduce you to my friend Beth Webb who is a BHF Funded Researcher. She’s pretty cool. I will also be looking to do bucket collections throughout the year.

30 years is a big mile stone. I would love to be able to reach my target of £3000. If  not that’s fine too. Because every £1 counts. However £3000 is £1500 for each charity.

Please help me to reach this goal and you will be helping to give me an amazing 30th Birthday Present.


This is my bear which I got from the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund, my bear is called Rosie. She was given to my Mum and Dad and I have had her ever since.

Me in a BHF hoodie, holding my bear which has a big red heart on her chest and a huge smile. Im holding her so it looks like she is waving.