Welcome to my blog. Would you like a cup of tea? Perhaps a biscuit?

Contact info: My Twitter is @PhilippaB My Instagram is visuallyimpairedPip

Email randomlyanxious@gmail.com

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Navigating Visual Stress with colour

An intro to Me

I am a 31 year old Visually Impaired person who has been blogging for a number of years on Blogger, but decided to move my blog to Word Press. I made this decision due to Blogger not giving me a quick solution to adding a ‘reader view’ option to my blogs. Which is a must if you are writing about being Visually Impaired.


The image above is of a left hand holding a guide cane, looking down onto my name, Philippa, written in the sand. My shadow goes off to the left.

You will find I tend to blog in a conversational style about a variety of things. Everything from my various difficulties to the parts of my life which are not accessible. If you would like to follow me on Twitter, please do. I’d love to connect with more people who share a passion for accessibility.

My blog is called Random Musings because it gives me the scope to write about whatever comes to mind. I do not want to be confined to writing about one specific thing.

On this Home page you will find an About Me section (recently updated to include photos- with visual descriptions, oh yes). As well as a link to a list to all of my previous posts which used to live on Blogger. Until I moved here. I also have post about how my disability describes me, but does not define me.

As I enjoy photography I’ll leave you with some photos. I take them on an iPhone 8 plus, or Lumix FZ270.



This image is taken through a glass lens ball which I am holding in my right hand between my thumb and fingers. The image is taken looking up to the sky in a wooded area. The sky is blue with a white fluffy cloud floating about the top of some fabulous green trees. The photo was taken quickly and the glass orb put safely back in its pouch. Be careful when using these orbs in wooded areas on hot days as the glass attracts the sunlight and therefore heat.


This a photo of the National Theatre in London, I enjoy visiting London to see my brother. Its nice because we go to all the touristy places, but then he stakes me to places which are not so touristy. The last time I went down was a few years ago, I need to organise going down again. I like this photo because its quite brutal. The lines are very clean.

The image shows a photo of the National Theatre which is a concrete building. The building is to the right of you and the comes round to the left on a 90 degree angle. In the corner on the right there are three walkways round the building, To the left are some steps going up. Straight in front it appears quite dark, as the first floor has cast the open area underneath into shadow. There are two people holding hands walking across the open area in front of the building.

Unfortunately we did not get to see Dame Judi Dench, which I was quite sad about.

I’ll let you get on with your reading. If there is anything you would like to read about but can’t find it, then drop me an email and I’ll see what I can do.

My Twitter is @PhilippaB

My Instagram is VisuallyImpairedPip

The email should you wish to is randomlyanxious@googlemail.com


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