Disability In General

When I write content but I am unsure what it comes under I may post it here. The content on this page usually consists of a number of topics and I need it to have a bit more scope when sitting amongst other content.

The photo above is from a recent trip to London when I visited my brother. I had not been down to visit since before the pandemic. The photo was taken on an iPhone 12 Pro in the Victoria and Albert Museum. I had never been in to this museum before and it was very grand.

After Lockdown Ends

Reflections on the new ways of living

Be Kind in Uncertain Times

10 years of tinnitus, 10 things I’ve learnt

Human Impact

Slower pace

Social Distancing

Do you really need a priority seat?

International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2019

Black and white image: Looking throug bike spokes, up a side street. You can see a car in the distance coming down a steep hill.

Whilst I am visually Impaired I do enjoy photography. My preference ence is black and white as I think you can add a completely different perspective to a photo when it is shot in black and white. This one was taken in St Ives, Cornwall.

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