Social Distancing


Well, things are certainly changing aren’t they? I am now off work. Quite glad actually as I am part of the ‘at risk group’. No, I’m not over 60 however I do have underlying health problems. So when we got told to not go in I was quite relieved. I use public transport and as you can imagine, its riddled with germs.

So while I’m not in work I shall keep myself busy. Today I got up and after breakfast put a wash on, it’s now drying with another load of woollen jumpers in. I have gone through my book shelf, put stuff to donate to charity. I have also gone through my scarfs. Ive kept all the ones with owls on, I love owls. I dried up, then washed up.

Its hard to relax as I am normally at work. I am finding this to be very strange. However, if I make a list of things I want to achieve over these next two weeks I can then work through a list. That way I won’t feel too guilty about not being in work, even though we are told to stay off. It’s strange.

At least its nice and quiet. My work is quite loud. It makes my ears hurt. So time away from the noise will be helpful.

I feel happy though as I was getting very concerned about leaving the house. I was washing my hands as soon as I got to work and then at least once an hour while at work. While at home I will continue to do this. Although as I will be wiping down surfaces and mainly the door handles and banister I won’t need to worry as much. I also don’t plan on leaving the house until next Monday.

During this time of self isolation I will do some decluttering, go through my clothes and the general house stuff. I will also need to keep up to date with these blogs, so I will be able to write a few of these.

I am glad I stocked up on Lush stuff because I think it’s important, especially at times like this, to take care of yourself by doing the nice little things. So I will continue with my baths and bath bombs. I also have a list of films I want to watch so I can relax and watch those.

Remember to be kind to yourself during these uncertain times. If you know someone near you struggles to get out, please check in on them. Do they need any shopping getting? Do they need to top up their meter and can’t get to the shop? Have they go their tablets from the chemist? It is nice to be nice, especially at times like these.

I’m going to go now. Maybe watch some TV.

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