Random Musings

This page of my blog is filled with all the random blogs I chose to write but which do not fall under any of the other pages dedicated to a specific category.

Artists in St Ives

Rugby League World Cup

Red Wings London

Bird and Blend

Checking in December

Moose Coffee

Enjoy the Sunshine Responsibly 

The image above is of a left hand holding a guide cane, looking down onto my name, Philippa, written in the sand. My shadow goes off to the left.
Guide cane with my name in the sand

Books So Far in 2020

Beary Quiet Earplugs- What I thought

British Heart Foundation Blog Post with Beth and Philippa 

Reflections on the new ways of living

Be Kind In Uncertain Times

Human Impact

Slower Pace

As I sit here and edit the pages on my blog, adding in more images and ensuring all the links have the correct shade of blue I am looking down the list of titles.
The one directly above this paragraph is called Slower Pace and the one Below, Social Distancing. I think it is fare to say that world has tried its best to return to some resemblance of normality. This hasn’t come without challenges and the Disabled Community has been impacted heavily. We can often feel left behind. I hope as you read these posts you try to remember how our world has been impacted and to not forget that we still exist too.

Social Distancing

Checking in

Lush and Lunch, with Kayleigh


What to write about?


Lush Shopping Trip

It’s Coming….

Ditching Plastic- how hard can it be?

A Lovely Surprise

2019 Books So Far

Make a Difference. Surfers Against Sewage


Saint Ives

Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination 2019

Welcome Page

The page Previous Posts is dedicated to all the post I did have on Blogger before I moved to WordPress in 2019.

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