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For a long while I struggled with sleeping, one of the reasons was down to my room not being dark enough. So we got some black out blinds fitted. They work quite well. However there was also another issue, noise. No matter how quiet you might think it is, as soon as I lay down to shut my eyes I can hear everything. 

When I say I can hear everything, I mean everything. From that weird noise the fridge makes every so often, to a car outside. I decided I would purchase some ear plugs. Searching online I came across a company called Beary Quiet. The name made me chuckle so I decided to check out the reviews. People had left some great reviews on Amazon so I thought I’d give them a go for myself. 


On Amazon this is what they have to say for themselves:


Small But Mighty

Our slow rebound foam is designed to form a expansion seal against the walls of your ear canal. Activating a 37dB (decibel) barrier to noise.

  • Enabling you to achieve REM Sleep (Rapid Eye Movement)
  • Flared bell shape increases sound absorption to bounce unwanted noise
  • Boosted Fibre Blend forms a safer structural design. Preventing any risk of the plug disintegrating in your ear when in use

Comfortable Sleep

We engineered our earplug with Soft Sonar Foam which has a premium texture verses the traditional sponge foam earplugs.

  • Key benefit being, it’s comfortable when worn and it has an improved grip within the ear canal when you sleep

Noise Reduction

Beary Quiet earplugs dampen noise around you by 37 SNR dB (sonar decibels). They won’t block noise entirely but there’s a reason behind this…

We’ve engineered our earplugs to provide a perfect harmony of reducing unwanted noise and permitting important audible alerts such as smoke alarms, home invasion and most importantly your alarm clock!’

They arrived fairly quickly and as soon as they turned up the first thing I noticed which I really liked was the packaging. It comes in a circular tube, with a picture of a bear on it. I would like to think it is recyclable, which is better for the planet. Inside the tube is a packet of 30 earplugs. You also get a little tin to keep them in during the times you’re not using them. The earplugs themselves are black and feel quite squishy. 

There are different sorts you can buy but I opted for premium foam reusable ones. You get 30 in a pack. 

I have had the earplugs since….late May this year. So I thought I’d let you know how I’ve got on with them. As I mentioned before I really struggled to fall asleep, due to many reasons, one of which was the slightest noise. 

You take them out the packet, they all come in one big plastic bag, rather than individual bags. Roll them between you finger and thumb until they are stick thin. Then place them into your ear. Hold them inplace while the foam expands and then let go. Beary Quiet says they block  out up to 37 SNR DB of noise. So obviously they don’t block out everything. I can still hear certain things, but the sounds are now nicely muffled. However, this is only when I am starting to fall asleep. Once I’m off to sleep I don’t wake up because I’ve heard a noise. I must be quite a deep sleeper when the conditions are right. I genuinely love them and I will be buying them again. They have made such a massive difference to my sleeping.

As for the reusableness… that’s a word right? meh… it is now, I think they’re living up to that. I use mine for 2 nights and then put them in the bin. I am concerned for my ears so I want to make sure they stay as clean as possible. So I don’t use them more than twice. 

I would recommend Beary Quiet to anyone who is struggling with sleeping due to noise. It is now July and I have been using them since late May. Even if I can’t sleep because I can’t switch off, the noise reduction is very beneficial because it’s one less thing I have to contend with. Meaning if I can’t sleep, which has happened, I can just lay their and enjoy the quiet as much as possible. 

I would just like to point out that I have written this blog post reviewing these earplugs without any endorsement from the people of Beary Quiet and I hope that you maybe try them out to see for yourself. They only cost £12.99, but on Amazon where I bought them, directly from Beary Quiet, they cost £8.99. Click here if you to want to hibernate peacefully, without missing your alarm clock in the morning. 

Whilst I have you, if you have a few pennies spare would you mind donating to my Virtual Fundraising Tin for the British Heart Foundation?

If  have written a blog post about why here.

Right I’m off. 

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