Self Care

Hello again, 

As I have been back at work now for a good few weeks I thought I’d share with you the importance of self care. 

Self care is important, especially now when the world is adjusting to trying to find a new normal. What is normal anymore? We’re all having to adjust and learn how to cope with new ways of living. One of which is masks. Now I’m not going to get into a discussion about wearing them. That is not the point. The point is we’re adjusting to so many changes and wearing masks is one of them. 

So thinking about self care we must consider looking after our skin more. When I come home, as well as washing my hands I wipe my face. Before I go to bed I put hand cream on and use face cream. Not only is it important to practice good hygiene, but we also must remember to look after our skin. This means finding a good skin care routine. If you would like to know more about this please head over to Lukes blog as he has a lot of information on skincare products. 

Besides skin care being really important right now, the thing I am trying to do is think about how I’m spending my time. I am trying to get back into listening to audiobooks. They are a nice way to relax and they help pass the time when you are washing up or dusting. 

sA blue bath bomb in the water, fizzing.The other thing I am remembering to do is have a nice bath with a bath bomb rather than normal bubble bath. It’s important to feel like you’ve had a good relax. Baths are the perfect thing for this. You can try switch off and just be. You’re not watching TV, you’re not listening to music, you’re not tidying up, you’re just being in the moment. Let’s face it, that is something we hardly ever do. It was something we had to try and do during the period of being at home during lockdown, but now we’re easing back into this new way of living we need to remember to try still have those moments where we can just sit and do nothing. Where we can just spend time sat with a cup of tea. That’s why I think baths are my perfect option. You don’t have to feel like you should be multitasking. You’re in the bath, you might as well relax. 

If you want to, I would check out Philippa Claire’s blogs, there’s some wonderful things on there around self care and managing your time to make the most of your time. 

Self care is something we need to do. It is not about being selfish, it’s about thinking ‘what do I want?’ You can’t do your job well if you are run down, you can’t look after others if you yourself are run down. Our bodies and minds need time to relax and recharge. If we take time daily to do something we enjoy, go outside, go for a walk, have a nice cup of tea, do some drawing, we can do wonders for our health. 

Now more than ever we need to do this. But we also need to ask ‘what do my friends need?’ maybe just dropping them a text asking how they are, ask them what they’ve been up to? Doing this can also help our own well-being because we then know we are not alone in how we feel. It is a difficult time for everyone and maybe your friend could cheer you up? Or you could cheer them up? 

Be kind to yourself:

Text a Friend

Make a cup of tea

Run a bath 

Put the washing outside rather than in the drier. Yes this makes me happy. 

Ask if someone would if they would like to go for a coffee, or you could sit in their garden. 

It’s all about the little things which could make you or someone else smile. 

I’m off for now. I’ll check back in later. 

Twitter: @PhilippaB                                                                                                         Instagram: @VisuallyImapiredPip 

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