What have I been up to?


I am back after a short break, getting back to work and managing other things I had to had to get back into the balance of managing stuff. I am back now. 

I have been doing OK. Just a bit tired. The past week I have been off work on holiday and I have a few days off left. It has been nice, but because of the weather I have been unable to social distance outside with my friends. I am still not feeling comfortable enough to sit inside a coffee shop or restaurant. Which is frustrating because I want to see my friends. But we had video chat the other day so that was nice. 

What has also been good is being able to go for my sport massages again. Last week I went for one and found that I had a few knots in the middle of my back where my spine meets my shoulder blade. But I have new exercises to continue with so they should help. 

Another thing I am happy about is that Rugby League is back on. So now on a Saturday I can watch NRL in the morning and Super League in the afternoon. However, I am not getting up at 5am to watch the first set of games, I’ll just wait until mid morning and watch those. The problem is I am back at work on Saturday so I’ll miss the matches. Booo!!! I am glad rugby is back. I enjoy it. I never really understand the excitement around football, but rugby is something I can get into. 

In general I don’t have much to talk about as there’s not much going on. So I’ll leave it there for now. Really this was just a quick catch up post and I’l check back in later. 

Stay safe, 

Twitter: @PhilippaB

Instagram: @VisuallyImpairedPip

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