Checking In


It’s only been a few days since my last post however I have a lot more free time on my hands. The first two days of no work I was very productive: I put a wash on, cleaned my bathroom, went through my clothes and did some decluttering.

The past two days I have mooched around and not done much, however yesterday I went outside and cleared a small area of the garden and we threw some wild flower seeds down. See what happens. I have also gone round and wiped the door handles and the banister. Try keep it clean as best I can.

Currently I am backing up my MacBook as it decided to switch off at 30% battery. The mac is 7 or so years old, with good use. I can’t complain.

Yesterday I watched Harry Potter, but today I’m just going to write this and then lay down. My good friend Nystagmus has decided to play up again. So I can’t watch TV or go on my phone too much. I will have to be quick writing this.

It is interesting getting used to this slowed down way of life. I’ll admit I like not having to get the train with people who pay no attention to my guidecane. However, I think I am tired because I’m used to being at work. So I’m trying to keep myself busy. As I say, I’ll have to just listen to audiobooks or the radio today as my eyes are wobbly. It makes me feel sick.

Anyway, I’m off now.

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