A Day Off

Today I have been quite productive. I got up and did some tidying, then I started on anew audiobook, afterwards I moved to doing some of my new online course with Coursera

The course I am doing is Inclusive Leadership; the power of workplace diversity. It is with the University of Colorado. I am so far really enjoying the course and it is giving me a lot to think about. 

Diversity and inclusion are really important for building stronger working environments for your business to thrive. As a disabled person it makes me feel great when doing this course that they have included disability within the discussion. As disability can often be forgotten, or overlooked in these conversations. Disabled people bring value to a team. 

The course had some YouTube clips which had Audio Descriptions for when people were holding up little placards with things written in them. This was a must, especially as they were talking about how to feel included. Well done University of Colorado. 

I am feeling quite accomplished today which is very nice. Doing this online course has been interesting.

I’m off to see my freind next week and maybe we will go for pancakes. I have been to Moose Coffee for pancakes before and I am hoping to go again. If you have never been I think a trip is in order. Here is a link to a blog I have done when I went before.

Today has been a great day off, relaxing but also getting things done which I needed to do. I am hoping to have another blog up soon. 

Enjoy the rest of your week. 

Happy Musings. 

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