New Lush Stuff

Hello all,

I this week has been tiring. I am looking forward to seeing a freind later on this week.

A little while ago I bought some new bath stuff from lush. Got some of the usual stuff I like, Blue Skys and Fluffy White Clouds and the Comforter.

But I also bought Rainbow. I have been wanting to try it for a while so I thought why not.

It is brightly coloured, just like the rainbow. Who’d have thought? The smell is very zesty- lemon fresh. I love how when you run it under the water it will make your hands turn blue, yellow, orange or red. There are a lot of bubbles from this one.

A bubble bar in the colours of the rainbow. Sat on a pink exfoliating glove. There is a bubble on top of the bubble bar.
A nice soak

I prefer bubble bars which are foamy because I love a good bubble bath to relax.

Relaxing is important. Having a good bath is a great way to unwind.

Besides my treat from lush I have listened to another audiobook. I’m going to make time to write about these later on.

Anyway, until next time.

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