Slower pace


As I’m sure you’re all aware, Coronavirus has been the big thing in recent months. However, it’s really been a massive thing in the UK over recent weeks.

A lot people on my social media have been posting about Animal Crossing and how it was keeping them busy. Others have been building lego, or drawing… I don’t really have many hobbies….so I’ve been writing or listening to audio books. It’s scary how very little hobbies I have. I think that’s down to the fact I’m normally very tired after work and then on my days off I just want to sleep or sit. It’s exhausting.

So I’m going to use my time to write a bit more. I have a few things written down which have been sitting there for months. So nows the time.

Our world is just so rush rush rush… now now now… I am hoping that one of the things which comes from this is people learning to relax more. To be able to just slow things down… you don’t have to be in a rush every minute of the day.

Consider taking time to have a cup of tea and nothing else. Just enjoy that cup of tea. Believe it or not you can enjoy sitting and drinking a cup of tea and not doing anything else.

I think we are so used to having to do things every minute of the day, we make one another feel guilty for not doing things. ‘Why aren’t you going to the pub?’, ‘Why aren’t you going to the gym?’, ‘You haven’t read that book yet?’… We all have our own ways of spending our time. We all have the little things we enjoy. We shouldn’t make one another feel guilty for not doing the same as ourselves.

If you decide to go for walk every Saturday, that’s great, that’s your choice. But if you decide to go the gym everyday, again, that’s great, your choice. If you read three books a month, wonderful. However, If other people chose to go to a pottery class and go tot he gym once a week, because that’s how much they can do, then that what they do. Lets not make one another feel bad for not doing the same as someone else. The problem is we often don’t realise we are doing this. As we are so used to doing it. Now we have had to stop, slow down and we are being forced to really think about what we used to do.

Let us use this time to reset. Think about the things which really matter. Realise that we might be better off doing one thing less a week, maybe we can take more time to sit down with a book, go for a solitary walk, maybe like me, go out with friends a bit more often. I’m not the most social person, sometimes by choice, other times, well it’s difficult getting out when you can’t see too well. I rely on others.

Above all realise what you need. Don’t let others expectations over take your own. Be kind to yourself. You matter.

I’ll leave it there for now.

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Instagram: @VisuallyImpairedPip

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