Being Visually Impaired in Summer

Hello again,

I am really happy that it is almost June, I prefer the summer months because the warmer weather helps my back. The less cold the easier it is. Which means I hopefully won’t have to take pain killers too much.

Whilst my guide-cane is great at helping me to ‘see’ what my eyes do not, it also has a negative impact on my shoulder, spine and neck. The reason being is if the surfaces aren’t smooth the slightest jolt, feeling for a curb, or an out of place slab really hurts. I suppose I have to take the rough with the smooth. Due to my many different health problems I often feel like ‘if I didn’t have x then y wouldn’t be too bad’. But I can’t sit and feel sorry for myself otherwise I’d never leave the house. So off we go.

Last year it was suggested to me I wear sunglasses. I said ‘but what about in doors? I can’t do that.’ They replied with ‘why not? if it makes your life easier’. So I went and got prescription sunglasses. I honestly wish I had done it sooner. My day to day is so much better. Less light means I get less headaches and can deal with things easier.

There was still a problem with glare though. I was still finding it hard to block out sunshine when outside. Meaning my eyes getting tired and choosing to close themselves. Which is wonderful when you’re half way across a road. But that is where my guide-cane comes in handy. Helping me navigate my way to the other side. What to do about the glare though? I decided I should buy a cap with a decent brim. I was shopping at an outlet for some new jeans, and saw a blue hat. It was a good size and I decided to buy it.

Now I try not to leave the house without it. It helps to cut out glare so I don’t have to look at the floor to stop the sunlight being too much and causing me to close my eyes without warning. Making journeys when I’m out alone a bit safer. Plus it will stop direct sunlight getting on my head in summer when it is too hot. So it’s a win win all round.

The issue I have with summer though, which I can’t control is flying bugs. Bees, wasps, flies etc. My peripheral vision is not too great and the other day a bee, I think it was a bee, flew at me. I could only tell when it had reached the side of my face and was cm from left eye. I made a panicked noise. I hope people didn’t hear.

I like bees but I can’t stand when they come near my face.

If you have any tips on how to cope with summer please leave me a comment.

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