Lush and Lunch, with Kayleigh


I am sorry for the lack of blog posts. I have been quite tired lately.
But I’ll write one now. Then go make some lunch, not sure what…

The other week I met up with my friend and we went for lunch, I treated myself to a full English breakfast. It was rather nice. We then went to Lush where we both treated ourselves. I bought a new conditioner bar, it’s called Jungle.

The bar is a circular shape and smells of coconut and avocado. Which I really like. It feels great to touch and lathers quite nicely.
So far after a few washes it is doing my hair some good, the curls are returning. However the top layer is still a little bleh…but me and mum are off for our hair cutting tomorrow. So I am looking forward to that.

When you’re visually impaired and opting to use soap bars instead of bottles there are a few things you must consider. The first thing is to to consider how you are going to distinguish between the different soaps. I do this in a number of ways, firstly by putting the on different sides of the bath, left is shampoo, right is conditioner, next to the taps, the body soap.
When out buying the soap I consider the colour of the soaps I have already in use and then get a contrasting colour. Currently body soap is a creamy white. My shampoo is a pink and white. My conditioner, green.
The other important thing to consider is the shape. My body soap is an oblong. My hair bar is a flat circular shape and my conditioner is a thick circular shape.

It’s hard enough when you can’t see, but when you have your eyes closed because of soap, you need to be able to feel what you’re using.

Why not use bottles? I’m trying to reduce my dependency on plastic. I feel if I can do this even a little bit, I am doing my part. Also the same things need to be considered, size, colour and where about you place the shampoo and conditioner when in the shower.

So really it’s the same.

All in all it was a great catch it up with my friend as we wandered around. It was cold but we stayed warm going in and out of shops.

If you have some time please check out my friends Twitter page. She is a poet and is having poems published in various different places. Her work is lovely. Check out Kayleigh Campbell!

I’m off to make lunch. I’ll check back in soon enough.


Twitter:  @PhilippaB

Instagram: @VisuallyImpairedPip

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