British Heart Foundation Virtual Tin


Over the past 3 months since the start of the lockdown in the UK I have been seeing what I can do to help out a charity which is very important to myself, The British Heart Foundation.


Dr Marten boots: coloured in different shades of red, the Dr Marten label on the back of the shoe is still yellow.

I was born with Congenital Heart Disease and I wanted to try do something to raise money for the charity. After having a think I decided I would draw things which were red or had red items in them. The first picture I drew was of my Doc Martens, but I did them in Red. I then decided I would draw a Converse shoe.

Over the weeks I changed from drawing items to drawing pictures of places. These places were mostly beaches in Saint Ives. If you’ve ever looked at my instagram you will see that I love Cornwall and Saint Ives very much. Drawing the images of Saint Ives beaches was fun, it was nice to be able to play around with Procreate and try out the various brushes and pencils which they have on offer. I then decided to try a different app called Sketchbook. Again this app comes with a variety of brushes and pencils.

 A white seagull has taken flight from its perch on top of a life ring. In the background are rocks, and the ocean. On top of the hill is a lookout station for boats.

A seagull by the coast

A red heart with stitching up the middle holding it together. There is a needle and thread sat underneath.

A heart stitched back together.

These drawings were posted on my instagram and Twitter over the past few weeks. So far I have managed to raise £105. I am very thankful to those who have donated and helped me to raise this money. In addition to my pictures, myself and my friend Beth have been working on something we hope to share with you soon. Until then I just wanted to let you know about the pictures I have done so far and that we do have another thing coming which we hope you will find interesting.

If you would like to donate then please follow this link. 

To give you an idea of where your money goes please follow this link to the BHF annual report 2019. 

Heart Disease is the biggest killer globally. The British Heart Foundation is working to Beat Heartbreak Forever and one day, with your help they can make this a reality. 

Thank you for Reading my post, I know it’s a little different than normal. But the BHF is very important to me and I wanted to let you know this thing me and Beth have been talking about is coming,

I’m on Twitter: @PhilippaB

Instagram: @VisuallyImapiredPip

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