Dropping in

I am just dropping into let you know my blog is still here. I am still raising awareness for disability. Currently I am on a nice week off work. It’s been quite relaxing sitting and doing very little. 

It has been nice not being in work and just getting things done that I needed to. Like cleaning under my bed. Very exciting stuff I’m sure you’ll agree. Yesterday I made time to clean under my bed and behind my comfy chair. This needed doing, especially now it is coming up to that time of the year where those big house spiders seem to just appear from no where an announce they are moving in. 

As the weather was nice I was able to do some social distancing with friends. We went to the park. It was lovely to see them. I am still not happy with sitting in a coffee shop just yet. However I will get there. I just want to make sure the coffee shop is not too busy. I do miss my friends. 

The reason my blog has been a little quiet lately is I am in the midst of working on a fund-raising effort. I am doing virtual fundraising, check @PipsTurning30 on twitter and you can follow me on my blog too. I am aiming to raise £3000 for two amazing charities, The British Heart Foundation and The Children’s Heart Surgery Fund, based in the Leeds General Infirmary. If you are able to support me, please visit my Virgin Money Giving page where you can read more about my story. I will be sure to keep you updated and I’ll be talking to you about it properly very soon. 

This was just a quick post as I need to get going on my fundraising efforts. I am still here raising awareness for disabled people and helping to support you guys who are championing disabled peoples rights too. 

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