Sorry for not posting in a while. I was off work with back pain and then it was my Birthday week. But I am back now. I hope you are all well. It has been great to read some of your posts and chatting with you on Twitter.

I have some new ideas for posts and ideas for things on the side of my blogging, but you’ll have to wait for that.

As you may or may not know as well as being visually impaired I am Dyspraxic and have Scoliosis. The great thing about Twitter for me is that I get to chat with other people who have similar difficulties. It’s been great finding out from the chronic pain community what your coping mechanisms are.

As I say I have had some more back pain lately. Which if you have a curved spine, like those of us with scoliosis will know, it can make even getting dressed without assistance very hard and painful. During these times it is hard as getting anything stronger than normal paracetamol is difficult. I can understand why the pharmacy has to ask you all the questions, but to be honest, when you get asked them every time you go, it gets very frustrating.

Have you been to the doctors?
Yes, there’s nothing they can do.
Have you tried physio?
Yes, we have been. We continue to go.
Have you had a sports massage?
Yes. We pay for those.
Have you tried hot water bottles?
Yes, we have many hot water bottles.
Have you tried heat patches?
Yes, we have boxes of them at home.
Have you tried ibuprofen?
No…because of my kidney disease I cannot have ibuprofen. (This is horrible because Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory it would be good at easing the pain. But obviously, I love my kidneys)
Have you tried Volterol?
Yes, I have some at home and I take some to work.


The pharmacy then gives us codeine. You can see the look on their face as we say ‘yes’ to all these things and that none of them keep the pain down. They look on their face is like ‘wow, ok…that sucks’.

Just then my package came through the post. It is a t-shirt with ‘Scoliosis Warrior’ printed on it. I know it is creased, it has just come through the post in an Amazon box. The t-shirt is white, with a picture of a woman with the hair tied up in a green ribbon. She has red lipstick on, her hair is black and she has big eye lashes. She is stood to the side holding her arm up to make a fist. On her arm she has a green ribbon and Scoliosis Warrior down her arm. On top of the lady and underneath are the words, Unbreakable. I quite like this t-shirt as anyone living with chronic pain will know, living with chronic pain is a struggle. Day to day actives, even getting out of bed can be painful. The effect it has on your well being, physical and mental can take its toll. So whether you have Scoliosis or Fibromyalgia or CP… be kind to yourself. Rest days are important. But its also important to keep going, because you can do this 🙂

I feel like I will maybe write another post about this, as it is really important to look at the impact of mental health and physical health. The two go together because the two are what make you. The phrase, ‘it’s all in your head’ is true. But that doesn’t make it any less serious. What’s in your head is what’s happening, and that makes it important. Your pain matters and you need to look after yourself.

I shall leave this post here. If you are wondering, no this post is not sponsored by the place I got the t-shirt. However if you would like the shirt then click here.
If you need any advice on Scoliosis then reach out to the Scoliosis Association UK.

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