I’m currently sat on a beach in Cornwall. If you must know where, Porth Minster. In Saint Ives.

The weather is lovely. We have our beach mats, which are covered in a light layer of sand. Bags and rocks are holding the corners down. So our stuff doesn’t blow away.

I’m a big fan of Cornwall. Especially towards the end of August into September, or March into April. It’s not as busy. But there’s still lots going on.

We went to St Michaels Mount yesterday. Walked across to the island. Saw Queen Victoria’s footprint. Sat in the little hole in the wall, then walked back along the causeway.

We had lunch at the Godolphin Arms. It was very nice. The views back to the mount are lovely. Weather you’re sat looking out on a clear blue day, or watching the rain hitting the windows & staring at people as they wade across at low tide before it’s too deep. It’s always a good day out.

Image: stood on the beach looking out onto the island of St Michaels Mount. The tide is out.

We visited Tremenheere Gardens. A beautiful garden walk with stunning views across the bay to St Michaels Mount. I love photography so I was able to get some great shots.

The gardens have sculptures dotted around. They fit well in the gardens. Not out of place at all.

Image: Banks of trees and grass. Looking out on to the bay. The island of St Michaels Mount can be seen in the distance.

Image: a sculpture in a field. Thanks sculptor is a greeny grey square with a circular hole in the middle.

I quite liked being able sit in a cylindrical space, looking up into a whole in the roof. You can watch the clouds go by. I bet that looks amazing on a clear night. Staring up at the sky.

We haven’t been to Moushole this year, but that is a great little cove. They have a little pub & a tearoom.

We maybe going on the train. We haven’t been on it in years. Maybe go out to Carbis bay. Wander round the estuary and back again.

Just took a break to have an ice cream. We sat with our backs against the wall to ensure we weren’t attacked by seagulls.

Image: a white circular room with a hole in the roof. Looking up to a fluffy white sky.

Anyway, that’s it for this week. Just giving you an update on my holiday.

See you next week. I’m off for a paddle.


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