We came back off holiday recently and I can feel a change in the weather already. The Autumn is creeping upon us. The days of an evening walking home in the sunshine are behind us. We are into darker evenings and colder days.

Still, I quite like September into October. I think it’s because it’s not too cold. I like it when the weather is dry and crisp. Getting to wear woolly jumpers, my mac and Dr Martens. I feel comfy. I think its because these are clothes which are not figure hugging and it allows me to keep the curvature of my spine unseen. Not that I have a problem with the way I look. I just prefer not to have it noticeable. I think it’s nice to be able to wear warmer clothes without people going ‘How many layers today then?’

I love my woollen jumpers. I have a nice red jumper which I bought last year, it was the only one left in the shop. I have a blue one, like a sailors jumper. I also have a brown cable knit with a high collar and a grey cable knit with a normal neck line. They are all made from British wool. I get them from a place called Atlantic Shore in Saint Ives. I would recommend them.

On our latest trip to Saint Ives I bought a woollen blanket for the winter to put over my knees. Yes- I am a 70 year old woman!

While I fullsizeoutput_4965enjoy the cooler weather for the amazing autumnal colours I am not a fan of the cold. It gets into my joints and really hurts my back. Currently I am sat in my room, window closed and pondering whether or not to put the blanket on my knees. If like me you are bothered by the cold you will be in agreement. I think it’s because, like a lot of people on my twitter feed, I suffer with chronic pain.

The image above to the left is a a beige coloured woollen blanket with various patterns knitted into different squares. I bought mine for about £45.

I have written about my Scoliosis before. This is why I get chronic pain. This is why I’m often so tired. I can hear a lot of you mumbling in agreement while nodding sympathetically.

If you suffer with chronic pain, no doubt you will own a number of blankets, hot water-bottles and comfy bed socks. These are our go too’s when we are uncomfortable or in pain. It is nice to feel as comfortable as possible when you’re in pain. You need to be able to sit and allow your muscles to rest. What better way to do that than with a blanket, thick bed socks and a nice warm jumper?

I love the cooler weather for the change in the trees, the smell in the air, but not for the problems it brings to my health. I am living with a lot of health problems so its important I get my flu jab as early as possible. I am then dealing with constant hand washing trying to keep bugs at bay. All the more reason to wrap up warm.

I hope you all have your big knits out, I just put my shorts back in a suitcase and put them away. The seasons are turning. The leaves will be turning and the nights will be getting longer.

I f you have any tips for other Chronic Pain sufferers then please let us know. I’m on Twitter @PhilippaB  or should you wish to email me

Until next time.

I am letting you know of warm knees, and a lovely shop.

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