Ditching Plastic- how hard can it be?


A while ago I wrote a blog about a new coffee cup I bought from a charity called Surfers Against Sewage. The blog post should you wish to read it is here.

Since then I have enjoyed using it instead of getting coffee cups to go. The only down side I will say is the sleeve which goes round the cup is not deep enough. So it makes it more difficult to hold for longer.

I have tried out some more things with trying to reduce my use of single use plastic. But before I continue I would once again like to point out that I am doing what I can. I believe that if we all make small changes, little by little we can have a positive impact. We should do what we can within our means, and not do anything which will have a negative impact on our well being.

As I was saying, I found out that teabags can contain small pieces of plastic. I was quite shocked. I love tea. So I decided to get loose leaf tea. I made an investment into a little tea strainer and some generic breakfast tea. While looking on Twitter, Luke (please check out his blogs by the way) was talking about a company called Bird and Blend.

After looking into them I found them to be very interesting. Based in the UK they are a relatively new business. But they are thriving, and I love them. They have so many options for loose leaf tea its amazing! I found they do sell teabags, but looking at those found they are plastic free. Which is wonderful. My favourite tea from them is Dozy Girl. I struggle to fall asleep so was told by a friend to try herbal teas. After trying this particular one I can say I’m well and truly sold. I love how you can subscribe and get your tins refilled. How cool is that? I need to look into this. Christmas is coming.

Changing to loose leaf has allowed me to cut down on my plastic use in the kitchen. The used tea leaves I through outside onto the plants. Then they can go into the soil. It is better than putting it into the bin.

Just making this small change makes me feel better, that I am doing something to help make a difference. It also means I can explore different teas. I do have a lot of tea and need to work my way though it. Then I can order more.

As I was mentioning, we can’t ditch plastic all together. I use a guide cane, which means I use a roller ball tip, made from plastic. But obviously this wears down quite a lot as I use it day in day out. Also it is a necessity for me to be able to get around. It helps me navigate my surroundings. Whats more, as I use it the tip is worn away. So the amount that is recycled is quite a small amount. The cane itself is aluminium. Rather than plastic.

I will continue to try making a difference in my daily life and do what I can. Simple things, like turning the lights off in a room you are not in, using soap rather than plastic bottles (I will write something else on this soon) and phone cases, you get them made of biodegradable plastic or bees wax. Lets not get into an argument with each other about who’d not doing what. If we as consumers spend our money on brands which are doing good, then hopefully change will follow. It can be difficult, which is why I say ‘do what you can within your means and you are making a difference’.

Thank you for reading,

Philippa B 🙂

Twitter: @PhilippaB
Instagram: @VisuallyImpiaredPip


I’m not affiliated with any of these companies or charities. I just love their stuff.

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