Christmas is Coming

That time of the year…


So while I have some energy I will try to write this blog post. I have spent the last few days just taking it easy before I am back into work tomorrow.

As it is getting closer and closer to December, I have started my shopping. I have a few things already and I am no where near done. Every year I keep myself a list of people I am buying for and then add to it as I go along. Yesterday I added a load of stuff to a note which I share with my brother. We know what has been bought and he can see what I’ve spent. He likes to say we have a budget…. one year I said we were all on track…we really weren’t.

I had added the prices up next to the list and then thought it was all correct. I’d gone way over budget. Now, in my deffence I’d sent him a list of the presents in a nice spreadsheet. Which I had not added up properly. Also in my deffence, I have Dyscalculia. Like Dylsexia but for numbers. He wasn’t impressed. I was confused.

Now the moral of this story is, keep a note of all your presents as you go along. So the budget you set yourself can be tracked as you add up your spending. It’s nice to buy people gifts, but you shouldn’t spend beyond your means. Otherwise you’re creating future stress for yourself. Which you do not need come January.

Try to leave yourself plenty of time to wrap your gifts and then you won’t be stressing on the last week before Christmas. I love wrapping gifts. But need to ensure I have the energy, otherwise all of the fun is taken out of it.

One of the big topics at the moment is climate change. So this year, I have decided that any additional wrapping paper I buy to top up last years stash will be recyclable, or recycled paper. The ribbon and the twine I use to decorate my presents will also be of the same kind. I found some great options on Paperchase’s website. They had some with white trees on, polarbear’s and penguins with igloos.

When it comes to gifts I am trying to buy stuff I know wont come is excess plastic. Such as bath bombs. Try Lush, or Yorkshire Soap Company. If you are in the North of England there is a shop in Whitby called Honeyz. Trying to buy from independent shops makes a real difference. Even if it is just a few gifts. When we went to Durham there was a market where I bought some great bath salts and some lovely soap from a company called Durham Soap Company the bath salts came in a little glass jar which I can now reuse.

For another gift I have been back to Atlantic Shore. I have bought two pairs of woollen slippers. You can get them in a variety of colours. They were a great price too.

I am getting tired so I’m going to go. But please don’t leave your shopping too late.
Set yourself a budget, stick to it.
Try reduce your plastic use when buying gifts.
Consider putting a donation in a charity box.

I will be back soon. Sorry there isn’t a weekly post. I’m just very tired at the moment.

Thank you for reading my musings.

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