The Alchemist


The other week I went out to meet my friend Kayleigh for dinner and a wander. I suggested The Alchemist in Leeds as they have a nice atmosphere.

We met up and walked to the Alchemist. When were shown to our table someone came over and asked me if I would like to use the Braille and large font menu. I was pleasantly surprised and said I would like to use that menu. They came back and placed it on the table in front of me and asked if we needed any water.

(The 1st image on the left is of the menu cover, with a cool design in black and grey, and on right, the 2nd image, is of one of the pages of the menu, in large font)


The menu had their logo on the cover and a cool design which you would get on their ‘normal’ menus. I opened it up and the had a section inside which introduces you to The Alchemist and then it goes on to go through their menu. The font was nice an big, I’d say size 24-30. It looked nicely doubled spaced as well. Towards the back they had the Braille section, which the introduction which was a lovely touch.

It was nice that they offered the menu. What I thought was nicer was the fact that the menu still had the introduction to the restaurant. Visually Impaired and Blind people appreciate these nice touches, haha, Braille…you get it?… *silence* anyway…

It was nice that the menu had a design on the front too. It shows they want the menu to keep in with their branding. Meaning people like myself don’t feel like an after thought. Making me feel included.

We had a lovely lunch, I had the full Alchemist. I think Kayleigh had the scrambled eggs on toast with a sausage.

I enjoy going to the alchemist. The service is always nice and the food tastes great. I will deffinatley recommend their full breakfast or the breakfast wrap. They serve breakfast until 2pm!!!! What’s not to like? And you can have a breakfast cocktail. If you are in their after 2, well, no breakfast for you. But I would then suggest the Chicken in a basket, I’m sure they still have that.
The restaurant itself is quite spacious. At the moment wen you walk in there is a lovely Christmas tree by the front door. It is decorated in copper and gold coloured decorations. The bar is running along your right hand side with a long table against the glass looking out onto Bore Lane. Up past the bar you have the restaurant seating area. The kitchen is open so you can smell all the food while they’re preparing it for you. They’re is an outside part to the restaurant which gives you a view up Bore Lane towards the Corn Exchange. However, even with the heat lamps I am always cold so never sit outside.

Thank you to the Alchemist for a lovely lunch, we will be back.

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