Dyspraxia Awareness


I am currently very busy as I have a lot to do. So today I got up and sorted out the washing, then did the washing up. Mum went to Tesco and did the shopping for us, some family members and neighbours. We have been very  busy. I have decided to take a page from my friends book and booked a whole day in my calendar to do nothing. This is something I need to do to recharge. Otherwise I will get very overwhelmed which can happen very easy. 

I am currently in the process of fundraising for The British Heart Foundation and The Children’s Heart Surgery Fund, based in the Leeds General Infirmary. Check out my fundraising page here and donate.

My organisation has become better but I could defiantly improve. I am a big user of the notes app on my phone. In the past few days I have decided to create a calendar on my phone specifically for my fundraising. Now everything to do with that, goal dates, phone calls, setting up events, can all go into there. I feel like this has helped to calm down a little because everything is not all up in the air. If it is written down then it is manageable. 

One other thing I did and continue to do is to keep on top of my inbox. A while ago a friend decided to organise his inbox and he posted a picture of an empty inbox on Twitter. I was jelous so decided to do the same. He was right, it is a very therapeutic. Keeping on top of this is something I quite enjoy because you can unsubscribe from all the nonsense you thought was good idea the time. It is also very satisfying haha. 

I think one of the reasons I have decided to write this blog is there has been a lot of talk on Twitter lately about Dyspraxia. One of the reasons I got into blogging was that I wanted to help raise awareness of Dyspraxia and to find other Dyspraxics, which is what I did. It can be hard living with Dyspraxia as it is not just about the lack of coordination which people always assume it is. It can be about coordinating your thoughts, time and energy. I often have a lot of ideas in my head but struggle to get them down. So I do rely on others to help me with this. 

The calendar app and the notes app are brilliant, you just have to remember to look at the notification when it pops up. Otherwise it is quite pointless. Organising my inbox was like decluttering inside my head. Making space for the important stuff and getting rid of the old stuff. Plus making way for anything new. 

Dyspraxia Awareness week is the 6-10th of October this year. I would recommend checking out the Dyspraxia Foundation. Also just search for other Dsypraxics on Twitter. We’re out there and we’re willing to talk to about Dysrpaxia so we can help you help us. 

Til next time, 

Philippa B. 

Twitter: @PhilippaB

Instagram: @VisuallyImpairedPip 

Remember to always be kind and give people the time they need. The world is a hectic place and its important to just take 10 minutes everyday to sit and just have a cup of tea. Nothing else. Just be in the moment. 

Dropping in

I am just dropping into let you know my blog is still here. I am still raising awareness for disability. Currently I am on a nice week off work. It’s been quite relaxing sitting and doing very little. 

It has been nice not being in work and just getting things done that I needed to. Like cleaning under my bed. Very exciting stuff I’m sure you’ll agree. Yesterday I made time to clean under my bed and behind my comfy chair. This needed doing, especially now it is coming up to that time of the year where those big house spiders seem to just appear from no where an announce they are moving in. 

As the weather was nice I was able to do some social distancing with friends. We went to the park. It was lovely to see them. I am still not happy with sitting in a coffee shop just yet. However I will get there. I just want to make sure the coffee shop is not too busy. I do miss my friends. 

The reason my blog has been a little quiet lately is I am in the midst of working on a fund-raising effort. I am doing virtual fundraising, check @PipsTurning30 on twitter and you can follow me on my blog too. I am aiming to raise £3000 for two amazing charities, The British Heart Foundation and The Children’s Heart Surgery Fund, based in the Leeds General Infirmary. If you are able to support me, please visit my Virgin Money Giving page where you can read more about my story. I will be sure to keep you updated and I’ll be talking to you about it properly very soon. 

This was just a quick post as I need to get going on my fundraising efforts. I am still here raising awareness for disabled people and helping to support you guys who are championing disabled peoples rights too.