I’m back

Hello all,

Sorry that it has been a while since my last post. I have been taking some time away.

I am also on holiday from work this week which is nice. Over the past few days I have just been relaxing and doing nothing. Sometimes you need to do that.

Anyway I will try be back on here a little more and get back into my weekly posts where I can. Still here, still posting, just having some me time. Last month work was very busy and I just needed to take a step back from this blog and focus on that. Otherwise there’d of been too many plates spinning at once. Which is not good for me. 

I have also been taking a break from Instagram. Its too much at times to have all these social media accounts vying for your attention. A long time ago I took time away from Facebook. It has been nice to not be on there to be honest, I check in from time to time. But very rarely. It can be good to take time away.

That’s it for today.