Slower pace



As I’m sure you’re all aware, Coronavirus has been the big thing in recent months. However, it’s really been a massive thing in the UK over recent weeks.

A lot people on my social media have been posting about Animal Crossing and how it was keeping them busy. Others have been building lego, or drawing… I don’t really have many hobbies….so I’ve been writing or listening to audio books. It’s scary how very little hobbies I have. I think that’s down to the fact I’m normally very tired after work and then on my days off I just want to sleep or sit. It’s exhausting.

So I’m going to use my time to write a bit more. I have a few things written down which have been sitting there for months. So nows the time.

Our world is just so rush rush rush… now now now… I am hoping that one of the things which comes from this is people learning to relax more. To be able to just slow things down… you don’t have to be in a rush every minute of the day.

Consider taking time to have a cup of tea and nothing else. Just enjoy that cup of tea. Believe it or not you can enjoy sitting and drinking a cup of tea and not doing anything else.

I think we are so used to having to do things every minute of the day, we make one another feel guilty for not doing things. ‘Why aren’t you going to the pub?’, ‘Why aren’t you going to the gym?’, ‘You haven’t read that book yet?’… We all have our own ways of spending our time. We all have the little things we enjoy. We shouldn’t make one another feel guilty for not doing the same as ourselves.

If you decide to go for walk every Saturday, that’s great, that’s your choice. But if you decide to go the gym everyday, again, that’s great, your choice. If you read three books a month, wonderful. However, If other people chose to go to a pottery class and go tot he gym once a week, because that’s how much they can do, then that what they do. Lets not make one another feel bad for not doing the same as someone else. The problem is we often don’t realise we are doing this. As we are so used to doing it. Now we have had to stop, slow down and we are being forced to really think about what we used to do.

Let us use this time to reset. Think about the things which really matter. Realise that we might be better off doing one thing less a week, maybe we can take more time to sit down with a book, go for a solitary walk, maybe like me, go out with friends a bit more often. I’m not the most social person, sometimes by choice, other times, well it’s difficult getting out when you can’t see too well. I rely on others.

Above all realise what you need. Don’t let others expectations over take your own. Be kind to yourself. You matter.

I’ll leave it there for now.

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Pointless Post


Today I was feeling a bit crap, so had a shower rather than a bath. Still feel crap, not done much. I’m only writing this because I have nothing else to do so might as well write this. Will anyone read it? Doubt it.

Anyway that’s that. Only had a pot noodle today, not hungry, can’t be bothered.

Done all the jobs in the house, the washing is more or less done, the vacuuming is done, the dusting is done….

Started watching Disney Plus yesterday, it’s really good. I did the one year subscription. Glad I have it.

Anyway, as I say no one will be reading this so I’m going to go watch the Simpsons.

Checking In


It’s only been a few days since my last post however I have a lot more free time on my hands. The first two days of no work I was very productive: I put a wash on, cleaned my bathroom, went through my clothes and did some decluttering.

The past two days I have mooched around and not done much, however yesterday I went outside and cleared a small area of the garden and we threw some wild flower seeds down. See what happens. I have also gone round and wiped the door handles and the banister. Try keep it clean as best I can.

Currently I am backing up my MacBook as it decided to switch off at 30% battery. The mac is 7 or so years old, with good use. I can’t complain.

Yesterday I watched Harry Potter, but today I’m just going to write this and then lay down. My good friend Nystagmus has decided to play up again. So I can’t watch TV or go on my phone too much. I will have to be quick writing this.

It is interesting getting used to this slowed down way of life. I’ll admit I like not having to get the train with people who pay no attention to my guidecane. However, I think I am tired because I’m used to being at work. So I’m trying to keep myself busy. As I say, I’ll have to just listen to audiobooks or the radio today as my eyes are wobbly. It makes me feel sick.

Anyway, I’m off now.

Social Distancing


Well, things are certainly changing aren’t they? I am now off work. Quite glad actually as I am part of the ‘at risk group’. No, I’m not over 60 however I do have underlying health problems. So when we got told to not go in I was quite relieved. I use public transport and as you can imagine, its riddled with germs.

So while I’m not in work I shall keep myself busy. Today I got up and after breakfast put a wash on, it’s now drying with another load of woollen jumpers in. I have gone through my book shelf, put stuff to donate to charity. I have also gone through my scarfs. Ive kept all the ones with owls on, I love owls. I dried up, then washed up.

Its hard to relax as I am normally at work. I am finding this to be very strange. However, if I make a list of things I want to achieve over these next two weeks I can then work through a list. That way I won’t feel too guilty about not being in work, even though we are told to stay off. It’s strange.

At least its nice and quiet. My work is quite loud. It makes my ears hurt. So time away from the noise will be helpful.

I feel happy though as I was getting very concerned about leaving the house. I was washing my hands as soon as I got to work and then at least once an hour while at work. While at home I will continue to do this. Although as I will be wiping down surfaces and mainly the door handles and banister I won’t need to worry as much. I also don’t plan on leaving the house until next Monday.

During this time of self isolation I will do some decluttering, go through my clothes and the general house stuff. I will also need to keep up to date with these blogs, so I will be able to write a few of these.

I am glad I stocked up on Lush stuff because I think it’s important, especially at times like this, to take care of yourself by doing the nice little things. So I will continue with my baths and bath bombs. I also have a list of films I want to watch so I can relax and watch those.

Remember to be kind to yourself during these uncertain times. If you know someone near you struggles to get out, please check in on them. Do they need any shopping getting? Do they need to top up their meter and can’t get to the shop? Have they go their tablets from the chemist? It is nice to be nice, especially at times like these.

I’m going to go now. Maybe watch some TV.

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Checking in

Hello again,

Today’s post will be nice and short. I am really just checking in to let you know that my blogs are still here. I am still writing, still have ideas, but I am again feeling quite tired at the moment.

That conditioner bar I bought from Lush (blog post about my Lush trip) is doing quite nicely. My hair feels great. I am surprised I like the avocado smell too.

I was supposed to be going out on Friday to a new restaurant in Leeds with my friends. But as it is new, it is very popular and we can’t get a table. It is called Rudy’s. The restaurant has excellent reviews from what we here and it smells incredible when you walk past.

When we get in I’ll let you know about it.

I do have ideas about what I want to write, but I am very tired at the moment and have spent what little energy I had today tidying up and sending myself things I need for work. This afternoon I took a nap from about 1:30-3. I woke up and had a nice relaxing bath. It was nice.

At the weekend I have some time to write, I will try to write. I need to write. My friend told me that she actually schedules time to relax, I think she’s smart about this. I need to do this. But I’m always so tired. Constantly wanting to lay down. Maybe I need more iron? who knows. Spring is nearly here so that should help. Brighter warmer days, that should pick me up.

To all you tired people out there, keep going! Don’t take naps after 3pm, apparently that’s the rule. Keep drinking water and tea. You can do this.

Good evening,

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Lush and Lunch, with Kayleigh


I am sorry for the lack of blog posts. I have been quite tired lately.
But I’ll write one now. Then go make some lunch, not sure what…

The other week I met up with my friend and we went for lunch, I treated myself to a full English breakfast. It was rather nice. We then went to Lush where we both treated ourselves. I bought a new conditioner bar, it’s called Jungle.

The bar is a circular shape and smells of coconut and avocado. Which I really like. It feels great to touch and lathers quite nicely.
So far after a few washes it is doing my hair some good, the curls are returning. However the top layer is still a little bleh…but me and mum are off for our hair cutting tomorrow. So I am looking forward to that.

When you’re visually impaired and opting to use soap bars instead of bottles there are a few things you must consider. The first thing is to to consider how you are going to distinguish between the different soaps. I do this in a number of ways, firstly by putting the on different sides of the bath, left is shampoo, right is conditioner, next to the taps, the body soap.
When out buying the soap I consider the colour of the soaps I have already in use and then get a contrasting colour. Currently body soap is a creamy white. My shampoo is a pink and white. My conditioner, green.
The other important thing to consider is the shape. My body soap is an oblong. My hair bar is a flat circular shape and my conditioner is a thick circular shape.

It’s hard enough when you can’t see, but when you have your eyes closed because of soap, you need to be able to feel what you’re using.

Why not use bottles? I’m trying to reduce my dependency on plastic. I feel if I can do this even a little bit, I am doing my part. Also the same things need to be considered, size, colour and where about you place the shampoo and conditioner when in the shower.

So really it’s the same.

All in all it was a great catch it up with my friend as we wandered around. It was cold but we stayed warm going in and out of shops.

If you have some time please check out my friends Twitter page. She is a poet and is having poems published in various different places. Her work is lovely. Check out Kayleigh Campbell!

I’m off to make lunch. I’ll check back in soon enough.


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