Lucy and Yak Fleece

Hello again,

For a while now I have been wanting a fleece from Lucy and Yak. The materials are recycled so it’s a great win for the environment. Also everyone I know who has their stuff seems to really like what they buy.

The other day I treated myself to a nice dark blue fleece. The fabric is very soft, the colour is lovely and the fit is very snug and cozy.

When I’m buying clothes I have to be very careful as I  am quite fussy about the feel and the fit. As I have a Scoliosis it is very important to me that the fit is comfortable. I ordered a small after looking at the size of the model was wearing in the picture. Normally I would go for a medium. But fleeces are meant to be baggy so I went with the small.

When it arrived I was happy with the packing, all recyclable and mostly paper. So it all went in the recycling bin. When I took it out it felt nice and soft. I have been wearing it for two days now and I really like it.

I tend to be quite cold so need to wear three layers. Even in the house. However with this fleece I am only wearing two layers! My back feels comfy in the fleece and I am nice and warm.

I reckon I’ll be buying another item in the future.

The price was £45 which for something so comfy and which was from a recommended brand I wasn’t too fussed by. Its also going towards items which are better for the planet, so why not.

I know this isn’t the usual kind of blog I post, but it does link to my Scoliosis as clothing is very tricky when spine is curved.

If you would like to read a few more posts about Scoliosis please look here.

Thank you for reading, speak soon. 


*I have not been asked to write this or have not received anything for it. I just like what I bought.

Self Care

Hellon all,

How are we doing?

I am feeling better than last time I wrote. I have a bit more energy back. Which is great.

I thought I’d write today about self care. I wrote about this a while ago. But think it needs re looking at.

One thing I have recently started to do is listen to my audiobooks before bed. This helps me unwind and to help my brain relax a bit before bed.

I also like to treat myself to stuff from Lush every so often because a good bath can make the world of difference when you’re trying to relax.

Everything can feel quite rushed and very frustrating at the moment, what with everything going on in the world. It’s important to stop and take time for yourself.

Perhaps just make time for a cup of tea on a morning while you don’t do anything else? Five minutes out of your day could make a big difference.

It is really good for your overall well-being to stop and reflect. This is super important.

I am going to go now, I’ll check back in soon.