I’m back

Hello all,

Sorry that it has been a while since my last post. I have been taking some time away.

I am also on holiday from work this week which is nice. Over the past few days I have just been relaxing and doing nothing. Sometimes you need to do that.

Anyway I will try be back on here a little more and get back into my weekly posts where I can. Still here, still posting, just having some me time. Last month work was very busy and I just needed to take a step back from this blog and focus on that. Otherwise there’d of been too many plates spinning at once. Which is not good for me. 

I have also been taking a break from Instagram. Its too much at times to have all these social media accounts vying for your attention. A long time ago I took time away from Facebook. It has been nice to not be on there to be honest, I check in from time to time. But very rarely. It can be good to take time away.

That’s it for today.


A Quick Update


This week I have been taking some time away from Twitter. That’s why my blog didn’t go up on Monday as it normally should do. 

Part of the reason for taking time away is the need to reduce screen time. Working from home is nice and I like it in some ways. Not having to deal with public transport. Not having to put up with people staring at me as use my cane, yes I’m Visually Impaired, I can see stuff- just not as much as I’d like. 

It has been nice not being on Twitter, putting my phone on silent and just spending time away from my devices. I’ve also had 4 days off in a row as I booked in some holiday. So this was the perfect time to take time away from my devices as well. 

Over the past two weeks I have found myself busy with work, which is another reason for me to have some much needed screen time. I get quite involved with areas which I am passionate about and then I tend to use up a lot of energy in doing so. Maybe this was a bit of burn out? Who knows. 

The other thing I have noticed is that I need to be kinder to myself with my cycling challenge. I feel as though I need to push myself more to get the miles done. Which I do, but I also need to remember that this is a challenge for myself to raise the money. I have been quite open about my Scoliosis and how it effects my cycling challenge. I am pleased with myself, I have raised £1087 without gift aid. The charity’s which I am supporting are The Children’s Heart Surgery Fund and The British Heart Foundation. I aim to raise £3000 before August 2021. Here is a link to my ‘What’s virtually happening page’. 

A yellow daffodil

So that is me for this week. Just a quick update. Be kind to yourself. Remember Spring is coming, so we’ll be able to play outside more soon.

I’m on Twitter: @PhilippaB

I’m on Instagram: @VisuallyImpairedPip