Online Christmas Shopping

Hello all, 

I hope you are well. I thought today I’d write down some of my thoughts around ways in which we will be trying to adapt this Christmas. 

Given that we are currently under new restrictions here in the UK it is important to consider how we are going to adapt our shopping habits for Christmas. Shops are technically only open for click and collect which means you need to be more organised with your shopping this year. 

Last year I tried to buy gifts from local and or independent shops. I made this decision as I wanted to try find unusual and handmade items. Me and my Mum have already started to swap Etsy shops with one another. It’s nice browsing around on Etsy. You tend to find yourself filling your basket pretty quickly. 

I think for me this year it’s so important to try support any local business, artists, authors etc that you know, by sharing their website or photos of their work so that people can see what they do. We need to support our local business’s so that the people running them can stay afloat during these uncertain times. 

I am not saying to not shop at bigger business’s,  but maybe split some of your gifts. For example I love Lush! If you’ve seen my instagram you’ll know I love a good bath bomb. But every now and then I mix up my order and buy from The Cornwall Soap Company. they make lovely little soaps and amazing scented candles.

Another little shop is called The Great Yorkshire Shop. They are based in the Corn Exchange in Leeds and are very proud of their Yorkshire Routes. Who wouldn’t be? Check them out and celebrate all things Yorkshire. 

It’s interesting that shops are having to adapt to be more online focussed. It works better for Disabled people. However, just because you have an online shop it does not mean you are instantly accessible. For example if your site does not support screen readers (these are tools used by Blind and Visually Impaired People to have their devices read out to them what their screen is displaying) or if you have made videos but not paid someone to close caption them you are cutting out a percentage of a potential market who may really enjoy your products. As Disabled People we have a right to access the world just like everyone else. 

If you are unsure if your site is accessible then you can pay a Disabled person to check it for you. It’s better to have your website checked and ensure you are accessible so that you can then reach a wider audience. 

Anyway, thats me for now. I have back pain so I’m going to stop writing now. 

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